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Trioptics Taiwan

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Trioptics Taiwan was established on July 2013 by joint venture of Trioptics German and Taiwan Unice EO Services. In addition, during September 2020, TRIOPTICS GmbH and JENOPTIK AG (listed companies in Germany and the United States) successfully completed the merger transaction: TRIOPTICS became a member of the JENOPTIK AG group and was 100% integrated into the group's Light & Optics division in December 2021. JENOPTIK is a globally operating technology group for high-precision optical technology applications in optics, optoelectronics, and optical safety applications.


Our optical measurement and manufacturing systems speed up and improve the development, production and quality control of lenses, optical lens systems and camera modules around the world. With our broad knowledge base in optical metrology systems, comprehensive product range and international focus, we create lasting customer value and benefits.


The basis for our success and the continuous expansion of our technological and market leadership is the high level of investment in research and development. We offer customized solutions for industry, science, and the markets of the future – from basic products to special systems.