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Established in 2004, FitTech Co., Ltd. is a professional corporation of developing automatic equipment and
system integration for the optoelectronic, semiconductor industry and laser processing field and marketed globally with our own brand “FitTech”. As the first company integrated prober and tester in LED testing system, we expand steadily in the optoelectronic field, and become the biggest supplier and leading brand of LED testing and sorting system. In recent years, we committed to develop integrated machine and automation systems applicated in fiber optics and semiconductor field by continuous innovation.

To fit customers’ requirements, we have a superior R&D team with high integration capabilities, include
mechanical design, machine vision, optical & electronic measurement, automatic control, electronic circuit,
electrical control, etc., and with our after-sales team, we provide all-round solutions for customers.

Significant markets FitTech serves include LED, LD and laser micromachining. We developed a series system
for LED and LD testing, include VCSEL, PD, DFB, FP chips, which applicated in 5G, fiber optics and 3d sensing
field. For providing completed solution and one-station service for customers, we developed a strategic alliance
with SAULTECH and ShiQi. FitTech not only provide LED/LD testing and sorting OEM service for customer, to
react to the trend of industry 4.0, we invest in smart manufacturing. By integrated with MES system, we developed
automation testing and sorting system, which is the only integrated solution of LED back-end testing and sorting in the field.

FitTech also ventured into the research and development of laser micromachining systems and laser machines
for metal processing, such as drilling, cutting, marking, ink system, laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine,

FitTech devotes in Opto-Electronic and laser processing field, marketed globally with own brand” FitTech”
and have several service offices overseas. To sustain competitive advantages and development, we challenge and
surpass our self by“Integrity, Innovation, Improving, Quality ”, the spirit of Fittech.